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Re: Don Pettit

On 5 May 2003 at 4:13, A Thomas wrote:

> Watching the news clip on Nasa TV (internet) I noticed Pettit was not on
> the helicopter off the landing site to the aerodrome to the plane to Star
> City.
> Bowersox said that the landing had fallen short and they had therefore
> pulled more than 4 G.
> One of the Nasa spokespeople also said that a second helicopter had gone
> from the landing site to Baikonur.
> later I'm sure I heard the BBC report that Pettit had had emergency medical
> treatment at the landing site.
> Does anyone know any more??
> andy, g0sfj
> PS this isn't OT he is a licensed ham operator and ariss participant. 

Is it right to say that a 4G impact can be compare to a car accident speeding at 87.8 MPH?
> A landing in a Soyuz is generally bumpier than on a Shuttle, so
> Bowersox, Pettit and Budarin will ride home in custom-built reclining
> seats formed to fit their bodies. The seats help cushion the landing and
> distribute the shock; the impact measures about four times the force of
> gravity, or four Gs.
> In the past, cosmonauts have suffered some minor injuries -- bumps and
> bruises -- during a Soyuz landing, NASA flight surgeon Dr. Terrance
> Taddeo, says. But "nothing we're medically concerned about," he says.

My 87.8MPH was an estimation based on a free fall not slow down by anything else than free air. I received an 
estimate that a 4G should be more  in a range of 30 to 40 MPH. "> Bowersox said that the landing had fallen 
short and they had therefore pulled more than 4 G?" can something goes wrong? and at what speed and G forces  
normal human bones can withstand  an impact without suffering any damages? A good question to ask to a 
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