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Lyrid Meteor Shower, ISS Moon-transit Movie

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

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Subject: Lyrid Meteor Shower, ISS Moon-transit Movie

Space Weather News for April 20, 2003

METEOR SHOWER: Earth has entered a stream of dusty debris shed by
comet Thatcher, which means the annual Lyrid meteor shower is underway.
The Lyrids are not intense.  Sky watchers in the northern hemisphere can
expect to see about 15 meteors per hour on April 22nd and 23rd when the
shower peaks. The best time to watch will be during the hours before
dawn.  Wednesday morning, April 23rd, may be best because on that day
can see not only some meteors, but also the Moon and Mars hanging low
close together in the southeastern sky.

ISS TRANSIT MOVIE: While you're visiting spaceweather.com, check out a
remarkable movie of the International Space Station gliding in front of
the Moon. A sky watcher recorded the transit from his backyard in South
Bend, Indiana.

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