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Iss packet activity april 16

Hi everyone:

The iss beacon is active.
Currently iss is on the wrong channel.  
So please do not try to use the packet at this time.
Your SWL reports are welcome.
ARISS has been informed and is looking into the status.

73 Miles WF1F

Here is a partial log from boston ma usa.

Times set for UTC
DAYTIME  04/16/03 14:12:01
RS0ISS>CQ,SGATE [04/16/03 16:44:54]: <<UI>>:
>ARISS - International Space Station
RS0ISS>CQ,SGATE [04/16/03 19:58:32]: <<UI>>:
>ARISS - International Space Station
KB1GVR>MARK,RS0ISS* [04/16/03 21:33:32]: <<UI>>:
=4436.18N/06826.92W-Hello Crew of Alpha !

KB1GVR>MARK,RS0ISS* [04/16/03 21:33:59]: <<UI>>:
=4436.18N/06826.92W-Hello Crew of Alpha !

WF1F>MILES,RS0ISS* [04/16/03 23:05:56]: <UI>:
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