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>Congratulations to you and your team on an excellent ARISS contact!
>Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

Frank, many thanks for your kind words. 

ARISS is an important program for the amateur community and I hope that it
is for the professional space community as well. 

When Ken said to us on Friday night  that he had been inspired by the
Apollo program, I smiled, because I remembered when I was 15 years old and
my father (GW1MLA -SK) made me wait up for the Apollo 11 landing. He was
right, then, although as a 15 year old I'm sure I didn't really appreciate
that at the time - hi. I remember him waking me up and  saying - "You MUST
see this. This is important, son."

So I said to our local paper that if one of these school students achieves
the astronaut corps  in whatever capacity, I will be a very happy man!! 

I think I might see that achievement.

Thank you very much for the ARISS programme and everything you have done
for it.

73 de andy G0SFJ
Chairman, GB2NSC

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