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GB2NSC success with ariss

GB2NSC successfully worked Ken operating NA1SS last night at approx 18:29+
utc. We were able to get 11 school students in awesome contact with him, in
the presence of parents, club members and staff of the National Space
Centre, Leicester. 

Their questions are the first 11 in the Press release at


Everyone was photographed and interviewed by our local newspaper the
"Leicester Mercury" and later I gave a "live" interview to BBC Radio
Nottingham which went out all over the Midlands. You might (I can't
guarantee it!) find the Mercury story after 1000 utc on Monday 7th April


and click on Local News.

We are working on pix and a digital recording and will let you know soon
where they can be downloaded.

This was a team effort by the National Space Centre ARS - c/s GB2NSC - and
the National Space Centre. Team members included Robert G8ATE, John G7HIA,
Geoff G4AFJ, Geoff G3STG, Howard G6LVB, George, Stewart, Scott, Chas,
Vicky, the tech, PR and security crews, NSC-ARS club members - to identify
only a few!!!

NSC-ARS gratefully acknowledges sponsorship by Amsat-UK, RSGB, Yaesu UK,
and Kenwood UK. and the many other individuals and organisations who help
and support us in operating an amateur radio station within the Space Now
gallery at the National Space Centre..

Finally, our thanks to Gaston and the Ariss-Eu crew for making this happen
- and finally to those on boardf the ISS, for a magical evening. Our
children will certainly remember it, and who knows? maybe one or more will
join the astronaut corps one day.

Andy, G0SFJ
Chairman, GB2NSC

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