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Krueger School Group Contact


From: Gene Chapline, K5YFL

    Friday, March 7, 2003. Aerospace students in Texas
quizzed an aerospace professional in space Friday
morning during a perfect ten-minute ARISS (Amateur
Radio on the International Space Station) contact. The
ten sixth, seventh and eighth grade students at
Krueger Middle School of Applied Technologies in San
Antonio asked 20 questions of Science Officer Don
Pettit, KD5MDT, on board the International Space
Station. Coordinating teacher James Goslin, KJ5QB,
said, "It couldn't have gone better!" Student Daniel
Sheehan described it as, "Pretty cool!"

    Krueger is a magnet school featuring a substantial
amount of hands-on learning centered on an aerospace
theme. Its eighth graders conduct two major rocket
launches each year, and build electronic devices to go
into their rocket payloads. The students' classroom is
a rambling array of tables and desks holding rockets
under construction and no less that three ham
stations. The sky immediately above is filled with ham

    Pettit fielded questions one could expect from such
students. Examples: "How do you maintain breathable
air?"; "Once your're done with your solar panels, how
much energy will you be pulling in?"; and, "What are
you trying to grow in your plant experiments, and how
are they turning out?"

    Despite her technical talent, student Brooklynn
Jackson wanted to know, "Does the food taste gross up
there?" Pettit laughed, and assured her that the food
was "great." He told her that he was looking forward
to his next meal in a couple of hours, and that "chili
stew" was on the menu. The late-morning QSO was over
much too quickly for the students, but teacher Goslin
continued the culinary theme by making sure that
earlier-ordered pizzas were still on the way.

    Reporters and camera crews from two local
television stations covered the event. ARISS is an
international program with U.S. participation by ARRL,

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