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ARISS Equipment Questions


Based on the e-mail traffic over the past few days, I thought I would 
follow-up on  some of your questions or ideas:


One question I have been wanting to ask though:  Given that crew time
is going to be at a premium in any case, and in the wake of the
Columbia breakup will be even more so, has there been any progress
toward getting an ARISS station that can be operated entirely from
ground control stations if so required?  I know it's probably not
possible with the current ARISS equipment, but it might be worth
considering for any future upgrades ..
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                    Bruce Bostwick N5VB


It has always been in the plans for both crew tended (crew operated) and 
autonomous (ground controlled) hardware.  Our first effort was to get the 
crew tended hardware on-board.  We have most of the first phase of this 
on-board.  The last Phase 1 piece is the SSTV system.  The first ground 
controlled hardware that we expect to fly is the PCSat2 system that will be 
mounted externally on the US module.  Bob, WB4APR described this and 
provided the web site.  Our expectations is that this will support Packet, 
FM Voice repeater & PSK-31.  We hope to fly this soon (original 
expectations was July 2003), but it must be launched on a future Shuttle 


From: "Scott Avery WA6LIE" <wa6lie@msn.com>

So, I guess there is some hope on ISS activity.
I am wondering if any HAM during a QSO has mentioned to turn the PMS ON?
Just a valid question, I hope.. HI

I understand there is an instruction sheet for the ARISS station, so I would
hope it would be simple to turn the packet operations ON.
If it isn't that easy, then maybe there needs to be a non-attended packet
station. Something in a sealed self contained box like a satellite where all
can be done from the ground. MIR packet got close to that. Instructions were
to just leave it ON, and all commands and SYSOP stuff would be handled from
the ground.

Just my 2 cents worth…..

73, Scott


As part of the uplink we give the crew for every school contact (which 
includes the school student questions) we include a procedural comment for 
them to turn the packet back on.  Regarding the self contained satellite, 
see my comments above.

I hope this helps clarify things.

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO 

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