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Re: ARISS Operations

> Regarding ARISS ops---as some have stated, some crews get excited 
> about amateur radio and others don't.  Just like some people like 
> amateur radio and others don't.  Just like some people like APRS, 
> SSTV, Voice ops, CW, Contests, Field Day, and others don't.  
> Personally, I am grateful that the international space agencies are 
> allowing us on-board.  We have gotten antenna feedthroughs, space 
> on-board the crowded ISS, up-mass on Shuttles and Progress launch 
> vehicles to fly our hardware and extremely valuable crew time.  These 
> items clearly represent millions of dollars of space agency costs.  
> The ARISS-developed hardware complement costs pales in comparison to 
> the space agency costs for allowing us on-board.  Every minute our 
> equipment is on the air should be considered a blessing.

It should indeed .. I understand how difficult it is to keep even 
minimal ARISS operations.

One question I have been wanting to ask though:  Given that crew time 
is going to be at a premium in any case, and in the wake of the 
Columbia breakup will be even more so, has there been any progress 
toward getting an ARISS station that can be operated entirely from 
ground control stations if so required?  I know it's probably not 
possible with the current ARISS equipment, but it might be worth 
considering for any future upgrades ..
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                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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