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A Most Surprising Observation - by Exp 6 Don Pettit

For those who ask why the packet system has not been reactivated since january, just read below. Hamming 
seems not to be their best past time. Making soap bubbles seems to be.

"Saturday is when we have a bit of free time," Pettit says. Some of the crew read books, play musical 
instruments or watch movies. "I prefer to do 'Saturday Morning Science'--fun experiments of my own design.
A few Saturdays ago, he had his heart set on bubbles. "We have a copy of C. V. Boys' book Soap Bubbles 
here on the ISS. It was published in 1911 and it's still a wonderful treatise on thin films. Every space station 
should have a copy," he laughs. "I wanted to see what thin films and bubbles might do in zero-g and felt it was 
a topic ripe for discovery."
Pettit prepared a solution of water, soap, and glycerin, and fashioned a bubble-wand from thin wire--a loop 
that could be re-sized from 3.5 cm (about 1.5 inches) to more than 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter. The 
experiment was ready. "But first," recalls Petit, "I decided to try a 'dry run' with water only, no soap."
He inserted the wand into a zero-g beaker and pulled it out again. "To my amazement," he says, "when the 2-
inch loop was withdrawn, a thin film of water clung tenaciously to the loop. I've never before witnessed such a 
large-scale film of water."
It's a shame that ARISS money and equipments cannot be more usefull.
I know  we cannot ask but i hope we still can comment.


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