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Re: Re: Columbia STS-107 = 27647

I haven't loaded this set yet, but this brings up
a question that's been bugging me for several days.
I was outside and watching as STS-107 traversed the
skys over North Central California (CM88), and I made
notice that the path was just about exactly from due
West to due East with a slight bearing to the North
if ANY...  Does this sound normal ???  I would think
that if landing was planned for FL, the path would have
been sloped a bit to the South from my observation point.
Unless, of course, there were to be more than ONE rev-
olution during decent.

This observation, if I'm correct, would seem to signify
that STS-107 was off-course a minimum of 5 degrees, and
possibly MUCH more, when they first entered the atmosphere.
Does this logic track ?  I understand that there are several
turns and banks made to 'spill' off energy during decent and
I imagine that this procedure could well have brought them
onto another glide path.

73 - de Bruce / KB6LWN

PS: from the latest I've heard about tiles (whatever) being
    located near here in Contra Costa County, it would seem
    clear that they were in trouble when they passed by here,
    which saddens me to think I cheered them on to the end :(
    I wonder, had we known ahead of time of the problems, if
    some mass mental thoughts and prayers might have held it
    together until they could have gotten low enough to evac.

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Pat Kilroy wrote:

> At Wednesday 10:08 AM 2/5/2003, cheesemanr@hardin.k12.mt.us wrote:
> >Anyone has urls for references to locate the last orbital path
> >reentry for the Columbia STS107?  The last oribtal of the MIR was 
> >available for
> >analysis and viewing- anyone know where that last orbital for Columbia 
> >would be?
> FYI, ...
> STS-107
> 1 27647U 03003A   03031.81494649  .00029125  35331-8  49042-4 0   440
> 2 27647  39.0165 127.8306 0009237 354.7381   5.3331 16.01603341  2441

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