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Astronaut's Widow Trusts NASA

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

Astronaut's Widow Trusts NASA  
(IsraelNN.com) Rona Ramon, the widow of Israel's first astronaut Colonel
Ilan Ramon, stated she has total confidence in NASA officials and does
not believe allegations that the Columbia disaster was the result of
nonfeasance. Rona stated that her late husband spoke highly of NASA
officials and she is certain that the tragic breaking up of the space
shuttle was not the result of negligence. 

Earlier today it was confirmed that remains of Colonel Ramon's body were
found and positively identified, and funeral arrangements are being made
for internment in Israel.  
IDF Chief Chaplain Confirms ID of Colonel Ramon  
(IsraelNN.com) IDF Chief Chaplain Brigadier-General Rabbi Yisrael Weiss
issued a statement confirming reports that body parts of air force
Colonel Ilan Ramon have been identified in the United States, adding
arrangements are underway to fly the body parts home for internment in

Rabbi Weiiss stated specifically that only parts were recovered, and not
the entire body of Colonel Ramon as indicated by the press earlier.
 Remains of Air Force Flag Recovered in Louisiana  
(IsraelNN.com) As recovery efforts for the Columbia continue, a partially
torn Israel Air Force flag carried on the flight by Colonel Ilan Ramon
has been recovered in Louisiana. To date, over 12,000 pieces and articles
of the space shuttle have been recovered. 

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