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Re: Volunteers In Houston

Hello Arthur.

I love your postings but who wrote

<<NASA has admitted that it is increasingly likely that the accident was a
result of the knocking-off of a heat-resistant tile when the rocket was
first launched. There are also reports that the danger was known several
days before the Columbia was to land, but that it was feared that the
problem could not be solved <<

I have followed the public information as heavily as anyone...and I have a 
little "inside" insight because I live in Clear Lake, my neighbors and 
friends are working on the investigation, some of the guys giving the daily 
briefings are personal friends.....and no one is saying those things 
publically or privately.

Ron Dittimore said in his last press conference that he told the ET working 
group to ACT as though the debris was the cause of the accident.  That is a 
FAR FAR cry from saying that it is.  What he is telling them is to root out 
the "worst possible" scenarios.  Its a prudent accident investigation 
technique.  Its routinly done in aircraft accident investigations.

As for the last sentence.  It implies a conspiracy at the highest levels to 
maintain silence.  I am not saying it cannot exist...it did during 
Challenger's investigation.  But there is RIGHT NOW scares evidence for it.

Look, I am probably the harshest NASA critic on this forum (check out my op 
ed this week in Space News).  I savaged in print and TV interviews NASA's 
handling of the Challenger investigation.  I would ground the shuttle 
forever today but then I would have done it 5 years ago.

If its there now is a coverup then I wont have any problem calling it that.  
But we need more evidence before that conclusion is leaped to.

Robert Oler


PS I admire all the work you put into posting this and the ISS packet stuff. 
  I find them quite useful.  Please dont take this as a personal affront.

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