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Volunteers In Houston

Submitted by Arthur
From:Arutz Sheva Israel Broadcasting Network

Volunteers In Houston  

A private memorial ceremony was held in Houston, Texas today for the
seven astronauts who perished aboard the Columbia space shuttle. Some
12,000 pieces of the craft have been found thus far. Volunteers of the
Zaka emergency medical organization - which responds to terrorist
attacks, car accidents and the like, ensuring burial for all human
remains in accordance with Jewish law - have arrived in Houston to help
in the search-and-identify mission. Zaka's Yisrael Stefansky, who arrived
in Houston last night to represent Israel's Foreign Ministry, said today,
"We unfortunately have much experience in this area from the many
terrorist attacks Israel has undergone, and we will help in the searches
for body parts; we may be able to find and recognize things that the
others cannot."

"Tomorrow we'll be going around to the different sites where they found
human remains," Stefansky told Arutz-7's Tamar Yonah today. "I hope we
can succeed within a few days. It will be a great honor for Ilan, his
family and the State of Israel to bring him to proper Jewish burial." He
said that the Foreign Ministry had invited the Zaka volunteers. 

NASA has admitted that it is increasingly likely that the accident was a
result of the knocking-off of a heat-resistant tile when the rocket was
first launched. There are also reports that the danger was known several
days before the Columbia was to land, but that it was feared that the
problem could not be solved 

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