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Exp 6 Status

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

Progress 10 Heads to ISS
Expedition Six Commander Ken Bowersox, Flight Engineer Nikolai Budarin
and NASA ISS Science Officer Don Pettit are waiting for the arrival of
the Progress cargo ship, which is en route to the International Space
Station. Progress 10 is slated to dock with the International Space
Station at 8:50 a.m. CST (1450 GMT) Tuesday. It is filled with supplies
and equipment for the station.

Monday, they prepared for the cargo ship's arrival by testing systems
that will be used during docking. Also, Bowersox and Budarin reviewed
procedures for a backup system.

Pettit set up and activated equipment for the Effects of EVA and
Long-Term Exposure to Microgravity on Pulmonary Function, or PuFF,
experiment. Then, all three crewmembers conducted sessions with Puff,
which is studying the effects of space flight and spacewalks on human
lung function.

Also, the crew received a call from former President George Bush and Mrs.
Barbara Bush. They were visiting the Mission Control Center, in Houston,

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