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Re: OT:I think the rudder stuck

Robert Oler wrote:

> Actually in the phase of flight where the vehicle was lost maintaining 
> an attitude that maintains the required temp is one of the control laws 
> of the flight control system.

What I meant to say was that temperature sensors aren't used as direct 
indication of the spacecraft attitude. The temperatures and heating 
rates are indeed used to compute limits on the rate of energy 
dissipation during the entry thermal control phase, and thus are a 
factor in managing the energy of the spaccraft. But the measurement of 
the current actual *attitude* is based on IMU inertial data.

Also, the thermal control law would presumably call for *reduced* 
allowable bank angle in the event of incipient overtemp, since the 
minimum-drag roll attitude is wings-level.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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