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RE: OT:I think the rudder stuck

To my point of view, the problem is worse than that.  Replacement of
fouled up tiles was studied extensively because from the early days
of the design, people were very worried about the thermally beautiful,
but mechanically LOUSY tiles.   It was viewed early on as a completely
impossible task to do on orbit replacement and no attempt has been
made to study this problem in any depth.  So even if it is determined
that tiles are vulnerable to ice, foam, meteors, etc., little can be
done about it away from the ISS or earth for example.  I am not even sure
that given the ISS, you could apply the adhesive in a vacuum and have it
I suppose that it will be okay if damaged tiles can be replaced at the
ISS but that would limit STS to going to the ISS at a time when NASA had
really geared up, forming a company with start up money, the purpose
being to solicit commercial experiments on a paying basis.  The goal was
20%-30% of these experiments to be done for commercial interests.  It was
found that many experiments were better off away from ISS, so this big
venture needs the STS to fly away from the ISS.  This flight of Columbia
had a huge load of experiments, some with semi-hemi funny money private
funding (Israeli funding of the dust experiment is considered private
money,  yeah right!).

It is, once again,  "best laid plans of mice and men".  It appears to me
that ISS and STS are rapidly dwindling to being restricted by funding
and operational hazards to uselessness.  For a space freak from the
early days of Mercury, it is really very depressing.

The data I have heard (and I have heard it repeatedly since I have been
home sick with a nasty cold for days), says absolutely nothing about ANY
unusual rudder motion.  All that is mentioned is sensors in the wing
showing rising temperatures and then failing and contemporaneously
elevons acting to work against drag, and tire wells heating up.  The
briefings and talking heads are  amazingly different after this
loss as compared to Challenger.  We knew the likely cause in their minds
on day one.

Bob, N4HY

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The possibiity that disturbs me most is that there might have been
unobserved and undetected damage to the thermal protection system while
on-orbit, perhaps caused by a collision with a small meteor or man-made
orbiting debris. In this case, it's possible that no direct evidence of
the original damage will ever be found, leading to a prolonged,
inconclusive post-accident investigation.

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