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OT:I think the rudder stuck

I think the rudder stuck on sts-107 just at reentry.

If it had stuck, then the spacecraft would have yawed while following the
reentry trajectory, and this could be just a few degrees to starboard,
thereby exposing the port fuselage and wing to excessive heat and
sheltering the starboard fuselage.The heat wou;ld lift the tiles. The
autopilot would have sensed the temperature difference and, assuming it to
be the result of drag, would have tried to roll. A roll would be the worst
option as when it happened the port wing rose into the shockwave and broke

Searching on " STS Rudder" with google I found:


which refers to a problem with the rudder on Columbia as STS-78 and a
nominal test setting of 5 degrees prior to reentry. (refers to Flight
Problem STS-78-V-07).

Never flown in space, what do I know? Just my (Euro ) .10c worth

andy. G0SFJ

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