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Re: [sarexUploading Images -- IS THIS A NASA SITE ???


Why is this site:,  on the ".com" domain.  Shouldn't it be a
nasa.gov site ?? resolves to: nasastage.nasa.psiweb.com

This DOES NOT appear to be an official gov't site ... or is it ??
Or is it a news media site ??
And if it is, why didn't the poster indicate so ?

Mr. 'azrowe', please respond.

73, Frank

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Subject: [sarex] Instructions for Uploading Images and Video to the Columbia

> Instructions for Uploading Images and Video Related to the Columbia
> Accident
> For anyone who has recorded video or taken photos that they believe may
> be of aid in the investigation of the Space Shuttle Columbia accident,
> NASA has established a special location on the Web where Internet users
> may upload their media files to be reviewed by NASA.
> Using the FTP method of your choice, log on to the server as
> "anonymous," using your e-mail address as your password.
> Example:
> User ID: anonymous
> Password: john_doe@hotmail.com
> Along with any image or video file that you wish to upload, please
> include a text file containing your name and a detailed description of
> the time and location at which the image or video was taken.
> Example:
> I, John Doe, recorded this video in my front yard at 1111 My Street in
> Nacogdoches, Texas, at 7:55 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 1,
> 2003.
> Please be sure that your media file and your text file conform to the
> following naming convention: your first and last name, an underscore, the
> date the files are being uploaded, another underscore and the time the
> files are being uploaded. Other than the file extension (.jpg, .txt,
> .rm), the names of the two files you upload should be the same.
> Example:
> Image file: johndoe_020203_0415pm.jpg
> or
> Video file: johndoe_020203_0415pm.rm
> and
> Text file: johndoe_020203_0415pm.txt
> Then, upload your media and text files.
> Please note that files contained on this site are not listable.
> Therefore, users will not be able to view any files uploaded to the
> server, including their own.
> If you have any problems uploading your files, please e-mail Mike
> Koester.
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