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RE: Space Shuttle Columbia re-entry over northern Calif.

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> > STS-107 Landing Feb. 1 2003
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> > At 1350-1355 UTC (0550-0555 PST) you should be able to see
> > the space Shuttle leading a long plasma trail over our skies.
> Saw NOTHING in El Paso.

After watching the sky till 0705 MT, and seeing nothing, my daughter and I
got in my jeep and started out for our hike in the Franklin Mountains.  A
phone call from my wife at a dog show in Eastern New Mexico called on the
cell and gave us the news.  Now we know why we saw nothing.

As I entered the state park, I assisted in hoisting Old Glory.  Then I
pulled it down to 1/2 mast.  The park rangers gathered around, and we
discussed why the flag was at 1/2 mast.  The park patrolman led us in a
short prayer, then he called the other parks to lower their flags too.

My daughter and I did what we needed to do in the park, but there was no joy
as we usually experience while hiking.  Words cannot express our sorrow.
And I can add nothing else.

God bless them all.

Mike.  KD9KC.

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