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Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

Expedition Six's only scheduled spacewalk at the International Space
Station came to a close at 1:41 p.m. CST (1941 GMT) Wednesday. During the
excursion, which lasted 6 hours and 51 minutes, Commander Ken Bowersox
and NASA ISS Science Officer Don Pettit continued outfitting the
station's P1 (P-One) Truss. They released launch restraints to permit
deployment from the P1's cooling radiator. Later, ground controllers
deployed the radiator.

The spacewalkers also removed some debris that was on a sealing ring on
the Unity Module's Earth-facing docking port. Toward the end of the
spacewalk, they checked the health of an ammonia reservoir. Then,
Bowersox and Pettit cut away a thermal cover strap that apparently
interfered with the rotation of the Quest Airlock's hatch and delayed the
start of the extravehicular activity. 

They were unable to complete the installation of the light fixture on one
of the station's Crew and Equipment Translation Aid, or CETA, carts. The
task will be rescheduled for a future spacewalk.

Flight Engineer Nikolai Budarin assisted the two spacewalkers from inside
station by choreographing activities and operating the robotic arm. The
crew is slated to have a light day of activity on Thursday. 

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