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(Fwd) Expedition 6 Crew on Ham Radio

Although many of you are not in the Houston area to be able to talk with the 
astronauts I thought you might find this of interest.

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Beginning at 10 PM Monday, November 4 for about 4 days, the Expedition 6
crew will be in quarantine at JSC before heading off to Florida for their
flight to replace the space station crew.  We set up a ham radio at their
quarantine facility so that they can get some practice talking on the radio.
Depending on how much free time they have, they may get on the JSC repeater and
want to talk to other hams.  So if you would like to keep them company, and if
you have a radio, you might like to keep in on in the background and listen for
them on the 146.64 MHz.

Let me know if you get a chance to talk to the crews.  They are

Ken Bowersox    KD5JBP
Don Pettt            KD5MDT
Nikolai Budarin

Nick Lance

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