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PMS Busy, Crew needs to log off

Hi All:

October 28, 13:00 utc.

The Personal Message System on ISS (PMS) has a built in Time-out timer
for stations on earth that log into the PMS.  
If a connected Earth Station does not send any packets for 
approximately 60 seconds, the PMS will start a disconnect process and
will eventually
disconnect the Earth station to free up the radio port for the next
Unfortunately this time-out feature is not implemented for the Serial
port on the TNC.
If a crew member logs into the PMS from the serial port via a LapTop
the radio port will get a BUSY message until the Serial port computer
logs off.
The PMS on ISS has been issuing BUSY messages to all log in attempts
since October 27 aprox
20:00 utc.
We will have to wait until the crew checks the PMS again later this

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