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Re: Crosspostings

Let me appologize for the tone of my first email when I discovered my
timely data was blocked.  I applaud the work that Paul does at managing
the lists, and I have no problem with an automatic block of dual posts as
long as we know the rules in advance.

Now I wonder if maybe this automatic blocking has been in place for months
or years, and that many of the things that I post to AMSAT, APRS and SAREX
have all just gone into the bit bucket without my knowledge?  Since I
cross post a lot to APRS, I do always get a come-back copy, and may never
have noticed that none of what I was posting to AMSAT-BB was actually
being delivered.  With over 200 Emails a day, I dont have time to account
for a come-back copy of everything I send.

But I have noticed hours and hours of delays in seeing come-back copies of
AMSAT-BB postings, wheras I get the APRS one within 5 minutes.  Many-Many
times I have noticed that the delays on AMSAT-BB were so long as to make
the timely information in the AMSAT-BB data complete over-taken -by events
and obsolete.  I just chalked that up to network problems.  Now I wonder
if all of my mesages were HELD for SYSOP review because of the cross post,
and thus, were not released to AMSAT-BB until long after they had any

TAPR AUTOMATICALLY prohibits cross postings as well. but you INSTANTLY get
a come-back copy alerting you of your mistake.

If AMSAT-BB/SAREX has such a mechanism, it must FEED back to the sender in
real time so that he LEARNS what is right.

What we need are two DELTA lists that list those folks not on both. Then
when a cross post comes in, it would send the cross posted email to the
FIRST list, and then send the copy to ONLY those people on the second list
that are NOT on the first list.

At first this appears to be a HORENDOUS sorting problem.  But ti does not
need to be done in real time!  But it only needs to be done ONCE every now
and then in the background.  The Email engine simply once a week, runs a
routine to UPDATE a SAREX_DELTA list and an AMSAT-BB_DELTA list based on
the deltas between the two lists.

Then when a dual post comes along, it sends the second copy to one of
these XXXX_DELTA lists. and not to the whole list.  In fact, this can be
done WITHOUT any EMAILENGINE coding.

The sender simply adds teh XXXX_DELTA list to his outgoing EMAIL:

Posts to AMSAT-BB,SAREX-DELTA would go to All AMSAT-BB and only the DELTA
of the SAREX list.

Posts to SAREX,AMSAT-DELTA would go to all SAREX list and only those on

Thus the routing is up to the SENDER, and all Paul has to do is once every
few weeks is have a little routine that works int he background to update
the two XXX_DELTA lists.

Again, managing lists is a thankless job, and thank heavens that Paul
steps up to the plate.  I only need to konw what the absolute rrules are
so that I can live within them.


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