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Re: JOTA 2002

Thankyou very much for the information about the Dutch Scout contact.
It was a very good pass with a full ten minutes of QSO time, and very few
Unfortunately our own JOTA station had closed down at lunch time,
but I made a tape recording of the transmissions from ISS on the pass from
12:32 to 12:42, at my own station, here, and we will be able play that to
the Scouts at the next opportunity.
Thanks once again
Hugh M0WYE / G6TMK

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Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2002 2:56 PM
Subject: Re: [sarex] JOTA 2002

> Hugh,
> The ISS crew is aware of JOTA and is in fact scheduled for a contact with
> Dutch scouts on Sunday, 20 Oct  just after 12:25 UTC.  It's an 80 degree
> for
> the Dutch Scouts so, depending on where you are, you may be able to hear
> of the contact.
> I can't speak to how much they will be on otherwise.  With STS-112 just
> and the Souyuz and next STS coming the week after next, the ISS crew has a
> tremendous amount of work to do packing and unpacking supplies.   The
> spreadsheet of their schedule is extremely busy with very little time off.
> Good luck & 73
> Tim  w6iss
> At 09:29 PM 10/18/2002 +0100, you wrote:
> >Hi
> >Does anybody know if the crew will be working any JOTA stations over the
> >weekend ?
> >I seem to remember hearing ISS on voice working Scout Stations last year.
> >I take it that voice transmissions will still be on 145.800 even though
> >packet has QSY'd to .825.
> >I've printed out the ephemeris, so we shall listen out at GB0BGS
> >Scouts and Guides) and maybe we'll have a pleasant surprise !
> >73
> >Hugh M0WYE / G6TMK
> >
> >
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> Tim J. Bosma
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