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ISS Packet System, 2400 email messages in 7 months

ISS Amateur Radio Status: October 19, 2002

ISS Packet System, 2400 email messages in 7 months 

by Miles Mann WF1F,


Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division

ISS Packet System, 2400 email messages in 7 months

The ISS packet mail systems mailbox (Personal Message System) was
activated on February 21, 2002.  Since then the system has been on the
air for over 98% of the time (The rules require the Amateur Radio
equipment on ISS to be turned off during docking missions).  The Packet
mailbox has handled over 2400 packet mail message to and from the ISS
crew in 7 months.  The first message from the ISS crew was to Sergej
Samburov RV3DR (RSA Amateur Radio Project manager).

First message from ISS via Packet Radio:

RS0ISS-1>W4SV [02/22/02  10:03:00]: <<I4>>
:Msg # Stat  Date     Time  To     From   @ BBS  Subject
      1 P     02/02/21 16:01> RV3DR  NN1SS         ISS Packet Working

On October 3, 2002 the message counter was at 2397, with about 20 new
messages arriving daily.  That is an average of 340 messages per month.

RS0ISS>VE2FDA [10/03/02  19:57:10]: <<I5>>:Message saved as Msg # 2397

The packet system message counter was reset on October 8, 2002 back to
message number 1 as part of a planed reconfiguration of the PMS.  One of
the parameters, which changed, was the call sign of the Mailbox.  The
call sign of the PMS mailbox has changed from RS0ISS to RS0ISS-1  (rs
ZERO iss dash ONE).  The old call RS0ISS is not being used.  If you
connect to the RS0ISS port, all of you data will go into the giant bit
bucket in the sky.

Message counters after the reset on October 8, 2002

RS0ISS-1>WF1F [10/08/02 15:01:58]: <<I42>>:
Msg # Stat  Date     Time  To     From   @ BBS  Subject
    5 P     02/10/08 19:00 RS0ISS WF1F          welcome shuttle
    3 P     02/10/08 18:22 ALL    RS0ISS        SHUTTL STS-112 ARRIVING
    1 P     02/10/08 17:57 ALL    RS0ISS        THE PACKET'S FREQUENCY

For more information on how to use the ISS Amateur Radio packet system,
please review the suggested operating procedures on the MAREX web page.


Take care all and good luck and please be courteous.

73 Miles WF1F MAREX-NA


Until we meet again

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