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Double Hop Testing


The ARISS team has instructed the Valery to leave the Packet system on 
145.825 for an additional week to support the double hop 
experimentation.  We also informed him of the success to date.

With the school group contact this morning, I am not sure if the equipment 
was re-configured to the prime packet frequency or to 145.825.  Some of you 
were asking about why the packet system was not on the air recently.  It is 
not clear to us what occurred either.  Some of the speculation about 
undocking may be true.  There were also a number of Shuttle crew members 
vying for time on the radio, so maybe the system was not configured back to 
B6 (The standard packet freq) or configured to 145.825.

During the docking, we had ISS Commander Valery Korzun, Shuttle Mission 
Specialist Dave Wolf and the Shuttle Commander Jeff Ashby all used the ISS 
Ham equipment....it is great to see ISS Ham Radio so well used by the ISS 
and Shuttle Crews.  Next up....the Taxi Flight with Frank DeWinne, ON1DWN 

Enjoy the double hop experimentation.

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO 

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