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Alaska and Pacific Northwest ISS/PCsat

This evening is a great opportunity for hams in Alaska and the Pcacific
Northwest to do a double-hop (or triple hop test) between ISS and PCsat
(if ISS is over on 145.825).

At about 0320z (is that 8 PM seatle time?) Iss will just come into view
over the pacific and PCsat will be just behind.  A lucky Alaska or seattle
UI packet could use an RS0ISS,W3ADO-1,RS0ISS path and possibly make a
triple hop back to the sender.

This will work best right at the start of the pass before ISS hear's much
of the USA and before the QRM gets too much.  Also PCsat will be in full
sun and fully charged.

There have been several of these oportunities over this weekend around the
world but I am not at our ground station, so I don't know if ISS is still
over on 145.825 for the test or not.  I havent seen anything here on the
BB... other than the Saturday nith successes.

UPDATE YOUR KEPS.  The ISS has done one of its reboosts and your
predictions may be a few miuntes off.  (MINE ABOVE were using OLD keps, so
dont trust them.  VERIFY.

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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