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dual hop, double hop

Well, two single hops!

73 de g0sfj
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From:	Siegfried Nitschke, INTERNET:s.w.nitschke@t-online.de
To:	[unknown], INTERNET:dd1jsn@darc.de
	[unknown], INTERNET:i6jkw@libero.it
	[unknown], INTERNET:g0sfj@amsat.org
	[unknown], INTERNET:pa5jb@amsat.org
Date:	10/14/02  8:54 AM

RE:	dual hop, double hop

Hi friends,
below a list of dual-hop-calls I received sunday 2002 10 13.
Unfortunately no successful one.
Have you any actual information about the experiment,
especially how to calculate the optimal time?
73 de Siegfried, DD1JSN  dd1jsn@darc.de

18:07:11R PA5JB-5>CQ,W3ADO-1*,RS0ISS <UI Len=55>:
=5210.05N\00432.05ESpa5jb@amsat.org (dual hop) {UISS30}

18:06:13R G0SFJ>CQ,W3ADO-1*,RS0ISS <UI R Len=31>:
cq double hop, g0sfj@amsat.org

17:55:26R G0SFJ>CQ,RS0ISS*,W3ADO-1 <UI R Len=31>:
cq double hop, g0sfj@amsat.org

18:08:56R DD1JSN>APU16N,W3ADO-1*,RS0ISS <UI C Len=66>:
=5221.23N\01432.48EJ-CQ DUAL-HOP de DD1JSN dd1jsn@darc.de {UIV23}

17:56:04R DD1JSN>APU16N,RS0ISS*,W3ADO-1 <UI C Len=66>:
=5221.23N\01432.48EJ-CQ DUAL-HOP de DD1JSN dd1jsn@darc.de {UIV23}

18:09:01R I6JKW>CQ,W3ADO-1*,RS0ISS,WIDE,SGATE <UI C Len=69>:
=4336.11N/1330.27E ->To All 73' v Space E-qsl to i6jkw@libero.it TNX<

19:49:55R HB9SKA>CQ,W3ADO-1*,RS0ISS <UI C Len=71>:
=4726.07N/00812.00E-dual-hop via ISS de Thomas, pse SWL-QSL via bureau

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