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Joint ISS/PCsat test

More on the joint ISS/PCsat joint test:

Although the fun part of the joint ISS/PCsat test was the attempt to
demonstrate dual satellite constellation opportunities for double hops,
the more subtle advantage that many people may have overlooked is
the double access times.

On Friday evening when ISS first came onto 145.825 and while it was 180
degrees out of phase with PCsat, those people sitting on 145.825 were
greeted with almost 10 hours straight of almost 14 satellite passes
averaging every 45 minutes or so.  It was a busy night.  Seems like I
couldnt get anything much done, because there was always another pass just
coming up, or just having ended.

Thus with only 2 satellites flying in constellation on the same frequency
with the same generic UI digipeating mission, we were getting a sample of
what I hope to show as the future of UI digipeating in space.  That is, if
we can get some of those contemplating the construction of a LEO satelltie
to include a UI digiepater on 145.825, then we would have an amateur
radio satellite system capable of on average providing communications
support to mobiles and handheld operators anywhere on the planet at least
once every 15 minutes or so around the clock.

Although this joint-generic access portion of this test, was one of the
fundamental objectives when we first proposed it back in January 2002,
that aspect was significantly compromised when PCsat began operating in
negative power budget and in the later months could no longer remember its
settings and so we could not get ISS and PCsat to use the SAME generic
"WIDE" alias.  Thus each user did have to change his UNPROTO path between

But imagine if they were both "WIDE", then the 10 hours of more than 14
combined passes in one evening of keyboard QSO's independent of whichever
satellite was actually in view should have been quite impressive.

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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