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Re: Triple Hop questions?

More on the ISS/PCsat test.

> .... One other station, KB1EAA inadvertantly got a Triple hop, but with
> a ground station inbetween because he had a WIDE on the end of his path
> (which we have recommended for better IGate success once the packet
> reaches the ground).  But in this case, with ISS also having the WIDE
> alias, it went back up via satellite!
> [15:54:19] KB1EAA>APK002,W3ADO-1,SGATE,RS0ISS*/1::PCSAT    :HI{9

Which brings up some questions?
1) Where was the "SGATE" digi?
2) Was it on the ground or ISS?

The "SGATE" path for packets from PCsat or users was invented to solve a
"rules" problem in Australia.  The interpretation I received was that
packets could not be received from space and automatically injected into
a terrestrial network system without the intent of the originator.  THus
by originating packets with the SGATE path in them, then the packets
could be legally picked up and injected into the APRS system.

In that sense, I always thought that most SGATE's were in Australia, or
were only Injecting into the APRS internet, not digipeating back out to

*OR* since I have been sending the recommendations for this test to ARISS
since January, and I sent many versions and recommendatinos over that
time frame as the status and situation on PCast degraded, I always wanted
them to have the best recommendation.  In some of those, I recommended
that ISS include a digipeating ALIAS of SGATE too.  This way, since all of
PCsat's telemery has SGATE in its path, then if ISS was ever in range of
PCsat, then it might relay PCsat's telemetry.

QUESTION IS, was SGATE installed as a valid ALIAS on ISS?

So next time someone has ISS in view and packet is on, try digipeating
using the path of  UNPROTO CQ VIA SGATE and tell me if it worked.  I have
confirmed that the aliases of RS0ISS and ARISS and WIDE work, but I didn't
check for SGATE.  BUT in KB1EAA's packet, the SGATE did not do callsign
substitution, so it could not have been ISS.  ANd besides, if it HAD
digipeated it, then it could not also have digipeated the next hop via
RS0ISS too.

Also check for APRSAT.  It was recommended as the universal spaceborne UI
digipeating alias, but when PCsat started losing its ability to keep its
configuration, we were unable to keep that alias maintanied on PCsat, so
we removed that from the current recomendatin for this test..  But again,
we aren't sure what the 4 active aliases are that actually got loaded on

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