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This was pass of ISS and PCsat over USA with PCsat almost directlly 500
miles overhead of ISS over Newfoundland.  To make this fit on your 80
character Email, the first copy is a complete Header with the text
truncated and the second list is just the CALL and the DATA part of the
successful packets.  My clock is 42 seconds behind.  The first packet
(15:56:16) was actually 15:56:58

[15:56:16] KB1GVR>CQ,RS0ISS*,W3ADO-1/1:=4436.18N/06826.92W-> QSL TEST
[15:56:17] KB1GVR>CQ,RS0ISS,W3ADO-1*/1:=4436.18N/06826.92W-> QSL TEST

[15:56:23] KB2M-3>SYQQ0W,W3ADO-1*,RS0ISS/1:'fH~l j/]www.qsl.net/kb2m
[15:56:24] KB2M-3>SYQQ0W,W3ADO-1,RS0ISS*/1:'fH~l j/]www.qsl.net/kb2m

[15:56:27] KB1GUE>CQ,RS0ISS*,W3ADO-1,SGATE,WIDE/1:>FN42IL/- CQ from Glenn
[15:56:28] KB1GUE>CQ,RS0ISS,W3ADO-1*,SGATE,WIDE/1:>FN42IL/- CQ from Glenn

[15:56:34] KB2M-5>APRSAT,RS0ISS*,W3ADO-1/1:=3911.01N/07445.00W`www.qsl...
[15:56:35] KB2M-5>APRSAT,RS0ISS,W3ADO-1*/1:=3911.01N/07445.00W`www.qsl...

[15:56:46] WB4APR>APRS,RS0ISS*,W3ADO-1,ARISS/1::ALL      :TEST in
[15:56:47] WB4APR>APRS,RS0ISS,W3ADO-1*,ARISS/1::ALL      :TEST in

[15:57:16] KB2M-5>APRSAT,RS0ISS*,W3ADO-1/1:=3911.01N/07445.00W`www.qsl...
[15:57:16] KB2M-5>APRSAT,RS0ISS,W3ADO-1*/1:=3911.01N/07445.00W`www.qsl...

Here is the full text of the successful packets.

KB1GVR>    :=4436.18N/06826.92W-> QSL TEST
KB1GUE>    :>FN42IL/- CQ from Glenn in Bedford Mass. - KB1GUE@amsat.org
WB4APR>    ::ALL      :TEST in progress
KB2M-5>    :=3911.01N/07445.00W`www.qsl.net/kb2m

Notice that packets went BOTH ways.

One other station, KB1EAA inadvertantly got a Triple hop, but with a
ground station inbetween because he had a WIDE on the end of his path
(which we have recommended for better IGate success once the packet
reaches the ground).  But in this case, with ISS also having the WIDE
alias, it went back up via satellite!

[15:54:19] KB1EAA>APK002,W3ADO-1,SGATE,RS0ISS*/1::PCSAT    :HI{9

With the satellites being WIDE also, this is not a good idea (now that I
think about it.. sorry)...

For this pass, I got to the ground station after the pass was HALF over
and  was still able to comand PCsat into power saving mode with the UHF
RX's off and the Transmitters isolated.  Thus, PCsat was fully functional
with enough power for the test!

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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