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Saturday ISS<==>PCsat test!

Saturday 12 Oct ISS<==>PCsat COMMS test

NZ, UK, Miami, San Diego and Hawaii hams PLEASE READ!

To have any chance of a successful double-hop digipeat between PCsat and
ISS, requires a clear channel.  Therefore everyone who will not be
successful, please do not transmit!  Only the one or two lucky packets
that might be successful should be transmited!

That said, lets all hope for hamdom's success by helping that successful
packet get through.  That is, dont transmit... unless you know exactly
what you are doing... and have a BEAM and a shot out over an ocean...  If
both are in view ALWAYS TARGET ISS FIRST.  Save the power on PCsat for
only the successful packets.

The digi paths are ISS = RS0ISS, and PCsat = W3ADO-1.  I will abbreviate
these in the following GREAT opportunities this afternoon using the
abbreviations of ISS and PC..

1920z Someone in Southern NZ has an excellent 3 hop chance with the path
ISS,PC,ISS while ISS is in view and PCsat is over the pacific with NO ONE
in view.  But this will ONLY work at the very end of the ISS window when
PCsat has had a few minutes to get enough sunshine to charge up.  DO NOT
Send anything via PCsat as it goes over earlier, or you will kill your
chance of success.  Give PCsat the longgset possible charge time before
your attempt.  You only have one shot.

1942z SOCAL and FLA get an excellent dual hop shot for a minute or so
as ISS rises over pacific in SOCAL and PCsat rises over Carribean in FLA.
SOCAL users try ISS,PC and FLA users try the reverse.

1950z ZOO time.  Both sats inview of USA and unless everyone is quiet,
nothing will get through.  Do NOT TRANSMIT TO PCSAT to save its very weak
batteries.  Hit ISS first, and if that is successful, then let it hit
PCsat next.  THus, PCsat only is used for SUCCESSFUL DUAL HOP packets.

2000z  GREAT chance for NewEngland and UK.  ISS is over atlantic out of
sight of everyone.  PCsat is above it.  Time for about 1 minute of
shots from either side of the atlantic for a tripple shot using the
path of PC,ISS,PC  IF there is anything left in the batteries after the
USA zoo.. and if everyone is quiet!

2007z  ZOO over Europe!  And PCsat is out of sun and probably dead.
Again, do NOT target PCsat, aim for ISS to PCsat.

2057z  NZ gets another EARLY AM chanec to do ISS,PC,ISS while PCsat is
over the ocean and ONLY at the very last minute to give PCsat the best
chance to have charged up enough to transmit ONE good packet.

2111z  ISS over Hawaii, and PCsat over Pacific!  NO QRM ON EITHER END!
This is the best shot.  Wait till later in pass for PCsat to get best
charge.  Use ISS,PC,ISS!

2117z  ISS West coast pass!  ONE guy shooting out over Pacific using
ISS,PC,ISS path might have success.

2125z  ZOO over USA.  DO NOT TARGET PCSAT.  Hit ISS first.

2138z  PCsat over USA and ISS isolated over Atlantic.  Use PC,ISS,PC

2147z  UK has shot through PCsat to ISS isolated over Atlantic using path
of PC,ISS,PC.  But PCsat probably dead by then.

Good luck those of you with good shots out oer the ocean and good
stations.  Everyone else dont transmit!  Well, though, we all must, so
lets set a limit to 1 packet per minute and make it the shortest possible
packet with your GRID in it so that we minimize our QRM to those special
stations that might have a chance.

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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