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Re: ISS Voice, David Wolf, Valery, aprs test delay

Hello from the Caribbean:

several minutes ago there was a pass of the ISS and since I was sending 
packet 0n 145.825, I heard packet on the downlink (I had  145.825 on band A 
and 145.800 on band B), and Then I read your e-mails. . .  there will be a 
much overhead pass at about 03:45 UTC in which I see if packet is still on 
the normal freqs. . . . . 

And by the way, yesterday I discovered that my grid isn't the famous FK68. . 
.  it is
FK78aj, so maybe it's a grid no so much known; did work N5AFV earlier via 
UoSat 14 and gave him the"new" grid. . . . 

Til the next one, angel - wp3gw
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