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ISS Voice, David Wolf, Valery, aprs test delay

Hi everyone:

October 10 2002, 00:25 utc.

I made an error in translating the packet data i saw on 145.825 this
When i looked at this packet message, i just focused on the
letters rs0iss and did not look close enough for the asterisk *****

WB4APR>APRS,W3ADO-1*,RS0ISS,W3ADO-1 [10/09/02 15:37:01]: <UI>:

This message was transmitted from w3ado-1* and not iss as i had earlier
You need to look close for the *****.

On the next pass of iss, at 00:25 utc, commander valery korzun and
astronaut david Wolf were both active on voice.  145.800 / 144.490
I called David and he remember me from his Mir mission.
I then asked David the check with Valery and ask him
when will the packet APRS frequency test take place.
David, left the mic open and spoke Russian to Valery and discussed
the question.  David then replied, the packet test will be in two days.

(I will post the audio later.)

It looks like the APRS test on 145.825 will be delayed a few days.

Its great to hear David back on the air again.

73 Miles
wf1f www.marex-na.org
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