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Re: marex news, iss voice 9/29/2002

Hello Miles:

I understand that a contact with the ISS via voice is one of the ultimate 
experiences and one of my goals to be an amateur operator.

I've been doing some packet as of March via APRS on the Kenwood TH-D7 and 
even when my packets were digipeated never got to be posted on ariss.net. 
Anyway when I got my computer on may and learned to use the Hyperterminal, 
then I was able to enter the Personnal Message System (and by the way get the 
sought after QSL card). There was a contact in a school here in Puerto Rico 
on April but I was working and other fellow hams said "wow they sounded 

I kept working packet until one afternoon the the singal went out and heard a 
voice; I was ready since I had preprogrammed the frecuencies: I said my call 
sign and "he" responded back my call and understood RS0. . . but watching the 
tracker it was just getting off range. So I said wow, even if it was an 
incomplete contact..... I'm very close!

Yesterday ,Saturday 28th I was tracking the ISS to make packet contacts. At 
3:30 am I woke up suddenly since I heard the signal but only once. . . . next 
pass:5:00am, and was awaken by an open squelch sound, and no packet! I 
decided to try calling and after calling CQ space station 3 times I heard 
"whiskey papa three golf whiskey, romeo sierra zero india sierra sierra 
5-9"....... loud and clear! I said glad to work you Valery, it's a dream come 
true. . .  he asked my name and I said I'm in P.R. and we said 73's.....

 It was less than a minute the QSO and sufficient to have this experience, 
and I've been an Amateur operator for only 2 years! And, did I say the QSO 
was made on the same TH-D7? Yes, only 5 watts with an AR-2 vertical! I wanted 
to say my experience to share with you all the thrill of talking to "outer 

Thanks for your time,    Angel Santana - WP3GW  Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
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