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ISS Audio / Visual contact - Sept 28 23:52 UTC with Cmdr Valery Korzun

Hi All
I attended  the South Carolina Wings Weekend held at the Greenville
downtown airport, which I assisted with an amateur radio display.  The
guest speaker at Saturdays evenings Wings dinner was South Carolina
astronaut / ISS Expedition 3 Cmdr Frank Culbertson Jr. His parents, and
other family members were among over 500 in attendance.  During Franks
speech there was a 82 degree double ISS/ Progress visual pass occurring
at 7:52 PM EDT.  Everyone knew that because of the heavens-above hand
outs  Rex Smith, with the "Roper Mountain Science Center", was passing
out in front of the NASA trailer . Several of us went outside the hanger,
to view the ISS, during Franks speech.   I turned on my mobile radio
which I had attached an arrow antenna, just in case Valery was on.  As
the ISS broke the horizon, we heard Valery clearing with another station.
 I called to him with our club call - N4ISS - and he returned  my call. 
I told Valery  Frank Culbertson was giving a speech, and I turned the mic
over to Franks cousin, Martin Culbertson, who just graduated from
college.  Martin was able to pass Franks best wishes to Valery.  Valery
wished  Frank Culbertson best wishes on his retirement from NASA.  Rex
Smith was also able to speak to Valery.  Rex is also the liaison person
for the ISS for South Carolina.   Rex is now "hooked" and is going to get
his amateur radio license!  I played the audio tape of Valerys wishes to
Frank and his family after his speech!  Everyone was ecstatic!
 Earlier in the day, Frank met with the boy scouts, he spoke with during
JOTA aboard the ISS, at the NASA trailer.  The scouts had the time of
there lives!!!
What a "Grand Day" it was!
I will make the audio available soon on our new website

73, Al 
KD4 Scouting For Fun
Experimenters Group ARC - N4ISS - trustee

PS - During Franks speech - he spoke very highly of the ARISS program!
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