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ISS Fan Club Opening

Dear OM's,

the ISS Fan Club staff is proud to announce the opening of the official
issfanclub website at http://www.issfanclub.com

Remember Mir Fan Club? We were back in 1996 and in a few months over 1200
amateur radio operators joined the club.
This time we want more so we decided to open a little portal.
Joining will be possible also for non-amateurs due to the big demand we had
with the MFC.
The site will offer a story board, a forum, a survey board and much more.

We also have a special surprise: one of the first 100 subscribers will
receive by mail a nice picture of ISS Crew #1 signed by Sergei Krikalev and
Yuri Gidzenko at the ISS Forum 2001 in Berlin.

Of course Iss Fan Club is a free no-profit organization, created just to
serve the vast community of Iss fans around the world.
Valeri Korzun and Sergei Krikalev already agreed to be part of it...

Come visit our site at http://www.issfanclub.com and join!

Best 73's from the Iss Fan Club staff

iz6byy Alain De Carolis
ik1sld Claudio Ariotti
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