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RE: Who is Veronica....to Bob

Mr Bob,
With all my respect....
I´m the one that first talked about Valery talking to Veronica...
I just wanted to share a recording with the group because is not normal to 
hear voice from the ISS at 0130am....
Beside that I just do not care who Veronica is...or if Valery talks to a man 
or a woman...
If you felt  disturbed  for any reason  the answer is easy: u ´r wrong! do 
not see second intentions where there is not even a reason to think about 
Whats is true is that is not very common that a cosmonaut looks for  a 
private QRG to talk to someone....But if he does, he has all his rights as a 
normal ham that he is...
Did someone here mention it was something "platonic" ?
Do not take things out of place
For me, the main thing is the hour of the QSOs not if it´s done with a girl 
or a man..

Believe me...if I heared u talking "out of time" with Musa Manarov...I would 
let others know...but just for the curiosity of it, not for any other reason
this is  ham radio....and we should share our experiences with others...and 
there are not "hyden reasons" on it
Just listen, enjoy and...if u want...share it ! that´s fun.

Have a nice day buddie!

Fernando Casanova

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From: Robert McGwier <rwmcgwier@comcast.net>
To: sarex@AMSAT.Org
bla bla bla...

I just do not know why I can for months contact Musa Manarov
several times a week and no one remarks on it and Veronica calls
Valery several times  a week and somebody has to make something
of it.  My wife will be happy to know that my contacts were
completely platonic, whatever else it might mean, I will leave to
you to decide.  Of course, my Russian might have been covering up
who I was.  I was always careful to wait 9 minutes after LOS/or
QSO end before ID'ing in English.


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