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RE: Who is Veronica....

As I said,  if my filter got into a ringing condition
and called it a sinusoid,  my bad.  I apologize again if
I read the implications incorrectly.  If not, then the
remarks are out of place.

Let me be a bit more explicit.  I thought the story about
the 6 dB voice amplifier was completely neat and even got
a laugh. I was not thinking of the story.   In fact,  I have
even cracked a pile up or two by using a falsetto voice!!

I just do not know why I can for months contact Musa Manarov
several times a week and no one remarks on it and Veronica calls
Valery several times  a week and somebody has to make something
of it.  My wife will be happy to know that my contacts were
completely platonic, whatever else it might mean, I will leave to
you to decide.  Of course, my Russian might have been covering up
who I was.  I was always careful to wait 9 minutes after LOS/or
QSO end before ID'ing in English.


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Hello David.

It certianly didnt come over like that to me.  It came over that Valery has
found someone who he really likes to talk to and is in a can (or cans) with
two other people where you cant get very far away from each other and
probably the list of things to talk about has been gone over a couple of

I run a lot of phone patches for missionaries and after there over sometimes
all they want me to do is take out the Clear Lake Citizen and tell them some
of the stories in it (and they arenot even from this kneck of the kdeck)

I all and all thought the story was pretty neat.


Robert Oler WB5MZO Houston TX

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