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ARISS Info and Photos Needed

Greetings Fellow Space Enthusiasts,  

I wrote an article about a year ago for our internal company web site.  It
was about the ARISS program and the radios our company built for ham radio

I have now been asked to write an updated version of this article for our
company magazine.  What I need are some current photos of the antennas,of
radios in operation, and of school kids participating in ARISS activities.
These photos need to be digital and it pretty high resolution for the

I remember that Lou McFaddin assisted me last time with some technical
details.  This article will not be as technical, but I want it to be
accurate and timely.  Perhaps Lou is still out there at the Cape.  

Please let me know what the latest developments are in the ARISS program,
and where I can find photos.  Also, what about UHF and HF operations?  When
will these begin?  I think I remember that the UHF radios are already aboard
the station.  Can we expect to hear some UHF operations soon?  

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  This article will go into a "real"
trade magazine and will inform thousands of industry people of what the
ARISS program is all about.  


James Alderman, KF5WT
Dallas, TX
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