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Re: Messages from ISS


the time necessary to connect to RS0ISS, send a 200 bytes message, list
messages and logoff the ISS PMS System is about 60-70 seconds using a good
station with tnc parameters configured properly.
I downloaded messages because passes are now in the night.
This night I connected PMS when was at 2 degrees over horizon (over Africa)
and max 5 degrees for the pass. No stations over Europe active or not heard
by ISS, but was at 03:13 UTC.
Two times I done a list of messages only reading frames from ISS saved
automatically during other amateur radio's connections.
Commander Valery Korzun sent me a message to my e-mail address last
week saying about messages sent to several amateur radio operators.
Valery had time to reply on September 2 to 20 messages and this weekend
about 25 messages but the majority had not been still read.

But seeing these posts have caused problem, this is latest send with this

  73 de IK1SLD Claudio

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From: "Fechner, Torsten" <Torsten.Fechner@t-systems.com>
Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 8:46 AM
Subject: RE: [sarex] Messages from ISS

> Hello,
> It is on the one hand nice that you connect ISS and list the new msgs.
> But think that there are many stations which want a connect to ISS. In
> Europe you must have a very good station due to tooooo many hams. I had to
> wait at least one year to make a connect to MIR - to many station were
> trying.....
> AND: there it was every time the same one (about 5-10 station).
> Makeing direct station-to-station or connects in the same country. We have
> here in Europe a very good packet radio network - so why?
> Msgs for not-crew members in the ISS box good also be send terestic...
> So: Make your connect and let other work ISS
> 73 de torsten, DG7RO

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