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Hello Bill.

NASA as an organization for human spaceflight consumes about 6.1 billion or 
so dollars A YEAR all in an effort to maintain three people in LEO with a 
declining number of shuttle flights (Probablydown to three soon) doing 
practically nothing of value to the United States as a whole.  If we didnt 
have a space station what product would we not have, what science would we 
not have invented or what engineering process would we lack that is in use 
in the United States?

It has become an organization where the process to build the station is such 
that they spent 250,000 dollars to paint the word UNITY on the side of one 
of the modules.  Right now not a single person at NASA can tell the 
leadership ofthe country what the space station has cost or will cost to 
complete to some level.  A level which is far less then what the thing was 
originally sold as doing almost 20 years ago.  The cost management there is 
so bad not a single person can tell you what a single shuttle flight cost or 
what they will cost in the future.

Frank was a part of that process and someone who fought valiantly to make 
sure it continues almost unabated.

Reading Dragonfly its pretty clear that the Phase 1 Mir flights were almost 
valuless in terms of getting anything significant accomplished.  He was in 
charge of those.

If all the nation wants is to spend money on human spaceflight and get 
results which decline in substance every year then NASA's on the right 
track.  I think that there should be more.

Robert WB5MZO

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