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Re: This is what ARISS is all about!

Congratulations to you and your kids on your contact with ISS.

Let them know about the slow scan TV pictures that will be sent from ISS in 
the future. Kids really get excited doing this as well.
My son Sean (KC2DIJ) got his ticket at age 9, after receiving pictures from 
MIR he wanted to be able to talk with them too!

Its not always very easy to get a voice contact from the spacestation but 
when they send Robot 36 pictures anyone in the receive footprint can get a 
picture with just a scanner and a soundcard decoder.  Hopefully  SpaceCam 
will be on board this year and we can look forward to more great posts from 
you and your family.

Al Emer N2YAC

At 02:32 PM 9/1/2002 -0300, you wrote:
>     ...I have two excited children, and I would encourage others to do 
> the same.  This is the sort of stuff that promotes Ham radio and the 
> space program.  My kids are doing hand stands because they actually 
> talked to the commander of the ISS. .....

>73, Paul VE1DX

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