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This is what ARISS is all about!

     Today, as most of you know, Valery has been very active on voice on 
most orbits.  I had my 12 and 14 year old son and daughter call him on the 
last two (21,595 and 21,596) and both made QSOs with the ISS.  I had 
previously briefed them on the correct protocol, and as control operator of 
the station, this is quite legal in Canada, and I'm sure it is in most 
other countries.

     I have two excited children, and I would encourage others to do the 
same.  This is the sort of stuff that promotes Ham radio and the space 
program.  My kids are doing hand stands because they actually talked to the 
commander of the ISS.  And while there are a number of scheduled school 
contacts coming up, there is nothing better than for us Amateurs to teach 
our own kids.  We have a unique opportunity to do this because Valery is 
extremely active, and loves to promote science and the space program to kids.

     He has indicated that tomorrow (Labour Day), he will be active as 
well.  Use this chance to introduce your kids, grandchildren, etc. to one 
of the most exciting aspects of Ham radio.

     Many thanks to all the members of the ARISS team, and especially 
Commander Valery Korzun, for making this possible.

73, Paul VE1DX

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