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ISS antennas

Its great that all 4 antennas are now installed and additional equipment
hopefully be installed in the next 6 months :-).
My question is how the antennas are going to be attached to the equipment?
Each antenna its own radio? How is the Russian video signal split away from
the Ham frequencies?

I hope someone can answer these questions.

Also reading some of Peggy's letters
(http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/station/crew/exp5/lettershome.html) she
mentioned hearing interference from the ground when she was on her space

"One of the things I had been warned about was the communication
interference during these EVAs. Even with the warning, however, I was still
quite surprised to hear ATIS [Air Terminal Information System] instructions,
comm between airplanes and air traffic control, ham radio operators, and
even parts of telephone conversations! At one point during our work on the
micrometeoroid shields, there was an alarm from one of these stray sources
of communication. The Russian ground control called up to make sure it
wasn't us!"

That must be some intermod!


Alan Stumpf, KB3DHC
NHARC JOTA Coordinator
NWS Pittsburgh SKYWARN Secretary

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