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Packet during Voice

Hi All:

When the ISS crew is on Voice, you will sometimes hear packet
comming from the ISS transmission, while the crew is talking.
This is becasues the ISS packet has the beacon set for 2-3 minute
And the crew usualy leaves the packet tnc powered ON, while they are
talking on voice.
So it is very common for you to hear the crew talking and a short packet
burst every 2-3 minutes.

Also, some times, if a station on earth IS transmitting packet on the
Voice channel
at the same time the crew is talking, the ISS TNC will respond, since
the crew usually
does not turn off the TNC while on voice.
Please make sure your tnc is not beaconing when you are monitoring a
ISS voice QSO.


Paul VE1DX
> I believe Valery was in QSO with WF1F when
> he discussed this, and I missed about 20% of it because someone was
> blasting packets off the ISS while he was talking.  I guess some stations
> are configured so they can't hear the audio, and assumed there would be no
> voice activity.
> 73, Paul VE1DX
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