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Re: ISS VOICE 08/29/2002 - a bit of QRM

> I got my license in Tulsa in 1959. I was born there.
>Louis W. McFadin
>U.S. Hardware Manager


Hi Lou,

If you haven't been back to Tulsa in a while, things continue to change and
I moved here in 1972 from north east Ohio to attend Spartan School of

73 Harry


Hi Paul,

I heard Valery again a few passes ago. Packet was on for most of the pass
then he got on the mic.

>      He sure has been on voice quite a bit this past week or so.  I agree
> with all your comments, Harry.  After listening to nothing but packet for
> months, we've got a crew member (actually the Commander) who seems to love
> handing out QSOs to anyone he can hear.

Valery has always been a real HAM. He loves to use the radio. I wish more of
the crew members were as active as he is. In one QSO with him back when he
was the MIR Commander I could almost hear him tell Russian mission control
to shut up. They were calling him on the MIR vhf radio and they were
interupting his QSO with me. I still laugh when I play that tape. Here is a
link to my Spaceport site... http://www.gbronline.com/harrymue/spaceport/  I
haven't updated it in long time so some of the links may not work. If you
click on "I Talked to Space Men" I have 3 QSO's you can listen to. I will
add todays, but I must pay for more web space first.

>      I heard him this AM commenting that there was either a repeater or a
> simplex conversation on his RX frequency (144.490 MHz), and it was making
> it difficult to hear.  Being new to extra-terrestrial use of 2 meters, I
> checked the 2-meter ARRL band plan, and that segment is not supposed to be
> used for simples or repeaters.  I believe Valery was in QSO with WF1F when
> he discussed this, and I missed about 20% of it because someone was
> blasting packets off the ISS while he was talking.  I guess some stations
> are configured so they can't hear the audio, and assumed there would be no
> voice activity.

There are those pkt stations that are unattended and if configured correctly
will only xmt on pkt when they hear RS0ISS beacon. If ISS sent a pkt beacon,
then they started to use voice it is possible that the pkt beacon "woke up"
a few unattended stations. Some stations are setup to beacon at a fixed rate
all the time which can cause a problem. Also, there are those who use
frequencies that are not in the plan and just use a supposedly unused one. I
heard someone locally transmitting just a carrier this afternoon on 145.800.
It sounded like they were swinging a beam around. Don't know what that was
all about.

>My understanding is there are two radios on board, and if one is left
> on packet, folks can inadvertently key up the packet side of things in the
> middle of a voice QSO.  Anyhow, these are all growing pains as we learn to
> use the ISS Ham facilities properly, and I must say it is a pleasant
> surprise to hear a voice on many passes.  This will only get better as
> goes by, and hopefully the next crew will be just as enthusiastic.

I'm not sure about there being 2 radios on board. I know that they used to
forget to turn the pkt off on the MIR and it would xmt on top of the voice.
As soon as they realized it they would turn the pkt off and carry on with


I looked your call up on QRZ and enjoyed your web site very much. Nice job
on the boat you built. I too love the water and enjoy sailing. haven't done
any in several years though. Here is a link to our adventure last year you
might enjoy... http://www.gbronline.com/harrymue/vac2001/   We went back and
hiked again this year, but I have 578 pictures and no web space for them.

Harry - KC5TRB

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