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ISS VOICE 08/29/2002

ISS VOICE PASS USA  15:05UTC / 10:05CDT / 1105 EDT (USA)

I worked RS0ISS with Valery at the mic from Tulsa, Oklahoma USA this
morning. The Station was making a 10 deg. NW to NE pass and was over N.
Dakota. It was nice to talk to Valery once again. It has been since MIR
23/24 that I have had the pleasure. I asked him if the Ham antenna install
went well and he said that it did. He also said that as he was doing the
install, or as he put it "the job", that he thought abought how Ham radio in
the world be upset if he didn't do the job. I complimented him and all the
crews for doing a wonderful job for the world and mankind.

Harry - KC5TRB
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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