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EVA Press Conference


I have gotten word that there is supposed to be a press conference tomorrow 
about the upcoming ISS EVAs (spacewalks).  The NASA team asked to borrow 
one of our ISS Ham antennas from us, so I wouldn't be surprised if they 
discuss our antenna deployment at the press conference.  This press 
conference will be shown on NASA TV.

The two EVAs are scheduled to occur on August 16 & August 23.  The plan is 
to deploy the last two ISS Ham radio antennas (WA1 and WA2) during the 
August 23 EVA.  The antennas will be installed along the perimeter of the 
aft end of the service module, closest to the Soyuz docking port.  WA1 will 
be located at the 8 O'clock position and WA2 will be located at the 4 
o'clock position.  FYI, 6 O'clock is down (Earth Pointing) and 12 O'clock 
is up. The EVA to deploy these is planned to start around 3:30 UTC on 
August 23.

A picture of all four antennas prior to shipment is shown at:


(216k file)

FYI, on-orbit photo of the WA4 antenna prior to deployment is shown at:


(92k file)

We have uploaded two on-orbit photos of the WA3 antenna, shown at the 10 
O'clock position on the aft end of the service module.  These are located at:


(181k file)


(174k file)

The following paper has some great pictures and diagrams which depict the 
entire ISS Ham system, including the antenna systems.  This paper is 
probably big for some that have low bandwidth internet capabilities.  The 
file is about 800K.


The ARISS-U.S. team is working with our Russian counterpart, Sergej 
Samburov, RV3DRto support this EVA.  The U.S. team will be supporting this 
EVA from the control centers at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas 
and the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.  The Russian 
team will be supporting this at the TSUP (Mission Control Center) in 
Korolev (Moscow area).


Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
ARISS International Chairman

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