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Re: Is ISS Deaf?

>Maybe? but ....
>given that I am a young fella and haven't seen it all ...
>The FEW passes that I have actually heard someone on Phone the packet was
>still operating ...  of course the packet stations eventually slowed there
>attempts to connect (probably scrambling to find the mic), but I still heard
>packets being transmitted on 145.800. Even during my successful QSO with
>Valery I heard packets being transmitted.
>not disagreeing ... just stating observation
>Tim Billingsley KD5CKP

same thing I observed in eastern Germany, JO60DS. Maybe there is something
like a Phone-line to connect with the TNC to decode the signals on the
uplink and mute the internal speaker of the TRX, maybe Valeri forgot to put
it again into the supply.
I heard Valeri on phone now every evening over europe, but unfortunatelly he
started with "cq de rs0iss" in russian language after he was very low at my
eastern horizont, I didn't hear him making too much contacts with western
european stations. 
Seems he wants to work russians (russianspeaking) only.
What a pitty, I started with russian at school just few days ago,hi.

Whats the correct uplink for phonie operation over europe?
I tried both: 145.2 and 144.39 but got no response from him.

73 de Michae, DG1CMZ!
73 de Michael, DG1CMZ!

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